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Aldo Colombini – Impromptu Card Magic Volume 3

Card magic dapat Anda lakukan kapanpun dan dimanapun. Yang Anda perlukan hanya 1 pak kartu dan Anda bisa menampilkan routine yang menghibur bahkan bagi para pecinta permainan kartu! Efek yang diajarkan adalah : Topsy-Turvy Location by Stewart Judah, Dreamers Ball by Gavin Ross, Untouched by Daryl, Two Selected Cards by Stewart Judah, Telemental by Bob King, Money Power by Roy Walton, Another Aussie by Tom Craven, The Jamesway Connection by Peter Duffie & Robin Robertson, Surprise Poker, Comedy Spelling, Adagio, Midnight, Switch-King, Moderato & Full Speed Ace by Aldo Colombini

Video :

Price : Rp 50.000,-


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