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Thanks alot this made for intresting reading. I really adore your site, the theme is extremely cool. I have visited here a number of times but never left a commented, just wanted to let you know… Keep up the good work! Another thing i like to do when reading blogs is play Flash games :) Worlds Hardest Game and Crush The Castle are the two favorite.


Very nice blog layout here. I also love your style of writing you are a wonderful writer and I admire people like you! I wish I could start my own blog one day but it just looks so hard.. you make it look easy though lol, keep up the good work. take care



can you please give me more infos about the assistant revenge and the total price for shipping in belgium with ATA case

Amr Abdelrahman



I’m a magician and illusionist, and I am very interested in buying the matrix levitation, but I have few questions about it first.

I’m looking for a matrix levitation that can be done ANYWHERE and absoloutley ANYTIME without anything connecting me or the shoe to the ground and without any prior set up to the ground like how Cyril Takayama And Chris Angel performed it. Is this the levitation that you have ?

Reply to me at
Or if anyone knows if its available anywhere.

Amr Abdelrahman.

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