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Killer Gaft Magic by Cameron Francis

Cameron Francis kembali dan kini di tangannya ada kartu-kartu Gaff! 11 rutin, 16 kartu-kartu gaff dalam dvd selama 2 jam! Anda akan mempelajari Pipeline, Tele-print, Boxy, Side by Side, Switch Jack, What the Blank, The Following, Washout, Paan, Do the Wave!, Halfusion, The Flying Four. DVD ini juga mengajarkan :

Double Lift                          Elmsley Count
Touch Force                       Tilt
Jordan Count                                                                  Hammon Count
Vernon Substitute Transfer                                               Flushtration Count
Mercury Card Fold                                                           Diminishing Lift
Diminishing Count                                                            Braue Reversal
Thru The Fist Flourish                                                       Erdnase Colour Change
Atfus                                                                               Twirl Change
Paddle Move                                                                   Alignment Move

Video :

Price : Rp 35.000,-


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